Boston Tree Preservation Increases Daily Arborist Appointments by ~30% During Pa
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Boston Tree Preservation is a family-own and -run business based in Boston that provides organic arborist and landscaping services. They were operating almost completely on paper - sending invoices and renewals manually by mail and creating uncertainty in revenue and business growth.

Boston Tree Preservation
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Boston Tree Preservation provides professional arborist and seasonal landscaping services to Boston and the surrounding area, with a focus on natural, organic, nutritional support for trees and shrubs and educational services that help homeowners keep their land healthy.
Boston Tree Preservation Culture
Founded by Peter Wild in the late 1970s and now operated by father and son, Boston Tree Preservation cares a lot about preserving the natural landscape in Boston and nearby municipalities with safe, organic practices that keep nature and the people that enjoy it healthy.
Why Now
With the pandemic, small businesses suffered and had to find creative ways to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in their businesses. Peter Wild's son, Pete, was ready to leverage technology to create more digital operations for the company.
Other Things to Note
Boston Tree Preservation was using paper for almost 100% of their invoicing and renewals. Now they are 100% digital and have automatic and self-service renewals in place that create predictability and consistency in their business.
The Project

Boston Tree Preservation originally came to Wise Wolves looking for a way to efficiently schedule arborists on daily routes so they could fit more visits into a day, and increase the number of customers they could help. Along the way, we discovered that they were using paper invoices and renewal notices, sent by mail, to customers to encourage renewing services on a seasonal basis. Wise Wolves helped Boston Tree Preservation digitize their operations to make everything faster and more predictable- from scheduling arborists for efficient, time-saving routes to providing customers with email reminders for renewals.

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Michael Vukovich
Solution Architect
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Alli Knothe
Project Manager
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