GOLO Improves Customer Service & Increases ReOrders
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GOLO is an e-commerce health & wellness company that assists its clientelle in reaching their weight loss goals. After experiencing incredible growth, GOLO invested in a more robust CRM solution to support its Customer Support and Marketing teams, replacing ZOHO CRM with Salesforce Service Cloud & Marketing Cloud.

Healthcare & Life Sciences
7-12 Months
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GOLO is a fast growing weight loss e-commerce company that offers supplements, equipment, nutrition plans, and memberships to its customers. The team at GOLO believes in helping customers feel healthy and feel great so they can live lives they love.
GOLO Culture
GOLO's customer success team already knew what they wanted to accomplish, and had an idea of how to accomplish their goals. Unfortunately, they didn't have the technical experience or the time to put together a solution. GOLO relies on Wise Wolves to provide operational strategy and technical expertise to get the most from their Salesforce investment.
Why Now
GOLO's customer service department knew they needed a better way to manage customer support cases. They also knew improved customer service would lead to higher customer satisfaction - and more frequent re-orders. Unfortunately, they weren't seeing the results they wanted from their initial investment into Salesforce. They needed a solution quickly, to both justify the investment in Salesforce and to improve their sales numbers.
Other Things to Note
GOLO has increased marketing qualified contacts by over 50%. They continue to invest in Salesforce and expand their partnership with Wise Wolves because our joint partnership supports their business growth.
The Project

GOLO was becoming a proven brand in the health & wellness industry, proving that their trademark GOLO Release product could sustainable result in weight loss while following the GOLO for Life plan. This recognition was resulting in 200-300% YoY revenue growth; growth that demanded that GOLO improve its legacy ZOHO CRM solution with a solution that could maintain GOLO's high customer satisfaction, and promote product compliance and customer retention. 

In their evaluation, they landed on Salesforce Service Cloud & Marketing Cloud solutions, which they felt would enable them to drive towards the following objectives:

  1. Increase in customer reorders (aka retention)
  2. Increase in customer service CSAT
  3. Increase in overall product usage compliance 

Shortly after purchasing Salesforce however, GOLO uncovered that the solution they were pitched would not be as easy as they were promised, and a year after their Salesforce licenses were activated, they were still operating out of ZOHO almost exclusively, with Salesforce still lacking critical features required to successfully launch. 

Wise Wolves was introduced to GOLO through a common connection. Within 60 days, Wise Wolves was able to deploy critical Marketing Cloud & Service Cloud related features, including but not limited to:

  1. Case Capture
    Logging incoming phone calls, web chats and emails within Salesforce as Cases logged against respective customers
  2. IP Warming
    Ensure email deliverability for the 100 - 200K marketing related emails
  3. New Customer Welcome Series
    After a new customer purchases, send them targeted email correspondance to ensure they are well positioned to take the fullest advantage of their purchase
  4. Validating Integration Integrity
    Confirm that the integration between Salesforce CRM & Shopify Ecommerce properly synced all customers, orders, products, etc.

After deploying those features, Wise Wolves proposed a long term roadmap to further enable GOLO to realize all of what Salesforce has to offer. Since this date, GOLO has doubled their Salesforce licenses, increased the number of support channels to include SMS, deployed a chatbot, migrated to Mulesoft, and most recently, deployed Service Cloud Voice to manage inbound phone inqueries. 

The Moment of Trust
After being overpromised and underdelivered by everyone GOLO worked with within the Salesforce ecosystem, GOLO was hinging on Wise Wolves delivering on their promises. Wise Wolves was challenged during the initial go-live to meet some of GOLO's high expectations around integration integrity given the size and scale of GOLO's clients and respective Orders. GOLO needed 100% assurances that the integration was working as expected, with no downtime to ensure all downstream automation (i.e. welcome series) and reports worked as expected.
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The Ribbon Cutting Moment
After developing the final items required for GOLO to leverage Salesforce, Wise Wolves travelled onsite to train the Customer Support team on the new system, and the expectations of them. The team was excited to finally have a tool that would allow for them to properly coordinate their efforts, and distribute the workload across the broader team, increasing the likelihood that clients would be happy with their efforts and return to GOLO for all their health and wellness needs.
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The ROI Moment
After successfully deploying Salesforce, GOLO was realizing immediate results in its response time to customers. Customer Support Cases were now automatically being logged, and linked to customer accounts, drastically reducing the amount of time it took to understand and act on the client's requests. Marketing A year after deploying Salesforce Marketing Cloud, GOLO realized a 2x increase in returning customers, directly attributed to higher CSAT and more targeted marketing Operationally GOLO was finally able to deprecate their duplicative CRM systems, reducing overall operational costs
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“You guys are the BEST we have ever had and we are so happy with your service!”
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Alli Knothe
Project Manager
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Solution Architect
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Solution Architect
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Business Analyst
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