MDRT Increased Financial Advisory Clients’ Adoption of its Platform with Aptify
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MDRT leverages the powerful combo of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Aptify membership data to empower their sales team with insights and streamlined workflows. The result? A sharp surge in financial advisory clients adopting the company's cutting-edge tools and services.

Million Dollar Round Table
Financial Services
5-7 Months
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Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) is a global, independent association of the world's leading life insurance and financial services professionals from more than 500 companies in 70 nations and territories.
Million Dollar Round Table Culture
MDRT fosters a high-standard, professional approach to life insurance sales and service to best service their members. The company values insurance and investment financial services professionals to provide an enjoyable experience for their clients and hold their employees to the highest standard of ethics, knowledge, service, and productivity.
Why Now
MDRT needed a solution to improve their business processes to best support their members and track business goals. MDRT chose Wise Wolves as they have experience with creating custom integrations and recommend best practices for achieving the team’s objectives.
Other Things to Note
MDRT continues to invest in Salesforce due to their work with Wise Wolves.
The Project


MDRT's sales team lacked visibility into company membership data, which made it challenging for them to understand how clients were utilizing MDRT's tools and services. This made it almost impossible to take proactive action to increase adoption. If members failed to leverage MDRT tools and services, there was a distinct risk of long-term membership churn. More importantly, MDRT wanted to be sure that its members were thriving. 



Wise Wolves recognized that an "end-user focused" solution was needed on behalf of MDRT for its members. They then designed MDRT a custom Sales Cloud implementation and built a custom integration with Aptify, MDRT’s membership database, that let the MDRT membership success team view membership information and track adoption metrics in Salesforce. The solution also utilized automation to flag clients at high risk of attrition - and to enroll them into workflows that support the engagement efforts of MDRT's membership success team.



MDRT’s sales team is now getting insight into client adoption and is able to proactively engage with high-risk clients. As a result, the company is seeing improvement in the adoption of its tools and services.

Best of all is that MDRT members are more likely to integrate MDRT tools and services into their workflow - thus they're now able to become more capable providers of financial services.


The Introduction Moment
MDRT sought our expertise based on glowing recommendations from Salesforce AEs, attesting to the exceptional quality of our work. As a testament to our prowess, we were handpicked to be part of their Salesforce implementation. After a competitive evaluation, MDRT reached an astute decision: they chose us as their trusted partner due to our unparalleled organizational finesse and unwavering professionalism. Our proposal exuded value and promise, making us the clear choice for their invaluable investment.
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The Deal Clarity Moment
During the initial sales cycle, we researched different ways to integrate Salesforce with Aptify and provide adoption insights within Salesforce. We looked into different options, including custom solutions and third-party tools, and weighed their pros and cons, as well as the cost involved. After careful deliberation, we forged a powerful recommendation and a visionary scope: a bespoke integration and automation solution. It emerged as the perfect match for the client’s needs, seamlessly meeting all their requirements while ensuring optimal cost-effectiveness.
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The Red Moment
One week before the planned go-live date, we hit an unexpected snag when Aptify updated its integration protocol. But we were committed to delivering on our promise to the MDRT team not to let the project timeline slip. Our team dedicated the entire night to quickly adapting our integration logic to accommodate the changes. And we went live successfully the next week!
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Carlos Torres
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