Retreat Behavioral Health Gets Data Vizualization to Make Better Decisions
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Retreat Behavioral Health struggled analyzing their data because it wasn't syncing properly between systems. Strategic decisions for marketing, sales, and partnerships were getting more difficult to make.

Retreat Behavioral Health
Healthcare & Life Sciences
5-7 Months
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Retreat Behavioral Health specializes in substance abuse and mental health treatment, counseling and other clinical services.
Why Now
Business leaders at Retreat recognized they weren't able to effectively use the Einstein licenses they purchased. Additionally, strategic decisions around where to focus efforts were difficult because their data was unclear and sometimes incomplete. It caused headaches from doing too much "guessing" and manual data entry.
Other Things to Note
Retreat has continued to invest in Salesforce due to their work with Wise Wolves.
The Project

Retreat needed a HIPAA compliant solution that would allow data to flow from their EMR into one centralized database. Then, they wanted clear visualization of all the data so leadership could make better strategic decisions. Wise Wolves was hired after a previous engagement took too long to complete and never achieved Retreat's implementation or business goals. Retreat needed to see value in their Salesforce investment, fast.

Business Objectives:

  • Determine which marketing & sales channels bring in more patients to put more effort into those channels; Understand how often they work with insurers to put more focus on those insurers; Eliminate data transfer error between EMR & Sigmund to limit manual data entry
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Michael Vukovich
Engagement Manager
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