Upward Health leverages core, less-standard features of FSL
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The Wise Wolves' team utilized their Salesforce expertise in FSL to uncover the lesser-known FSL core and non-standard features. By leveraging these findings, they successfully delivered the specific outcomes the Upward Health team requested.

Upward Health
Healthcare & Life Sciences
5-7 Months
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Upward Health is an in-home medical group that specializes in primary medical, behavioral, and social healthcare for individuals with complex needs.
Why Now
Upward Health aims to deliver a seamless scheduling experience while avoiding double bookings. They sought to create a unified system that would empower both providers and care navigators.
The Project

Upward Health had a distinct requirement: to achieve nationwide scalability by consolidating scheduling behavior across their two systems into a unified experience on Salesforce. This consolidation aimed to enhance efficiency in scheduling procedures and facilitate scalability across the care specialists team. By utilizing restricted-use licenses (RULs), Upward Health successfully met their target price per user and achieved their desired outcome. 

The Moment of Trust
Upward Health had a unique use case that required substantial back-and-forth review during the initial evaluation of FSL to determine the platform's suitability in terms of cost and timeline. Wise Wolves leveraged their experience in using FSL to explore and utilize its less commonly employed core and non-standard features, effectively delivering the desired outcomes for Upward Heath. They collaborated closely with the Salesforce team to deploy restricted use licenses (RULs) that aligned with their per-user price point, optimizing the licensing based on their specific requirements. Wise Wolves utilized their expertise to engage in discussions and provide recommendations to the Salesforce team, identifying the necessary components while eliminating unnecessary ones, considering Upward Health's specific needs and goals.
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The Red Moment
During the initial phases of the project, considerable effort was dedicated to building the backend of Salesforce in a sustainable and well-structured manner. However, comparatively less effort was allocated to the front end, which led to user feedback highlighting usability concerns during the first round of testing. This raised doubts about FSL's ability to achieve Upward Health's objective. In response, the Wise Wolves' team conducted a comprehensive review of the User Interface, offering short, medium, and long-term suggestions to enhance its usability and demonstrate the capability to ensure a user-friendly experience post-go-live, without impacting the project timeline or budget.
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The ROI Moment
Upward Health has noticed a decrease in the total number of rescheduled appointments due to internal errors. Additionally, the average handle time to process new requests has improved, leading to better overall system adoption.
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Business Analyst
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Project Manager
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