Wise Wolves Sets Clarity Guardians Up for Growth with Field Service
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As the company grows, Clarity Guardians needs an increasingly more organized, efficient way to assign patients a Guardian with the right skillset who is available when, and where, the patient is in need.

Clarity Guardians
Healthcare & Life Sciences
3-4 Months
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Clarity Guardians is a Certified Professional Guardianship Agency that provides Trust, Guardianship, Personal Representative and Fiduciary Services to families and individuals. The company is based in Washington State. 
Clarity Guardians Culture
Clarity Guardians has a very organized culture and has high expectations of integrity, organization, and communication. We enjoy working with Clarity Guardians because of their focus on achieving specific business outcomes and doing what's just necessary to achieve those.
Why Now
Leadership at Clarity Guardians was looking for a way to improve field, dispatch, and back office operations to reduce the time and costs associated with entering data in multiple places, or sending Guardians on inefficient routes. They wanted to put technology in place that will help them scale.
Other Things to Note
Clarity Guardians has continued to invest in Salesforce and in improving their field operations due to success in working with Wise Wolves.
The Project

Clarity Guardians was looking for a way to manage their team of Guardians who visit patients in the field. They were interested in leveraging technology to automate some back office tasks and coordinate with front office scheduling, to reduce costly mistakes, add integrity to audit trails, and enable their front office teams to handle a greater case load.


Business Objectives:

Record & get visibility into visit summaries to better understand on-site activity and improve audit trail.


Improve assignment of Guardians by matching skills, distance, and availability - in an efficient way.


Reduce manual data entry and save time on tasks.

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Alli Knothe
Project Manager
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Rodolfo Hernández Ponce
Solution Architect
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