Wise Wolves quickly enrolls Vesta Healthcare to Health Cloud
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Vesta Healthcare faced a pressing deadline to transition to a new CRM system as their existing one was nearing its end-of-life. With the sunsetting of their old CRM, a swift migration was crucial to ensure uninterrupted and efficient management of patient records and healthcare operations. 

Vesta Healthcare
Healthcare & Life Sciences
3-4 Months
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Vesta Healthcare is a technology and clinical services organization that offers personalized care to patients from the comfort of their homes. They connect caregiver insights to the rest of the care team, providing 24/7 telehealth support for high-need, frail senior populations. Vesta partners with home care, health plans, and providers to create value-based population health programs focused on clinical quality, improved health outcomes, and personalized engagement.
Why Now
Vesta Healthcare faced an imminent sunset of their existing CRM system, necessitating a swift transition to Health Cloud to prevent any operational disruptions. The urgency to migrate was driven by their need to maintain uninterrupted services and ensure seamless continuity in their healthcare operations.
The Project

Wise Wolves successfully implemented Health Cloud for Vesta Healthcare, enabling them to manage their new member acquisition pipeline effectively. Leveraging the household model in Health Cloud, Vesta Healthcare can track the individuals they are enrolling and their family members. By integrating their phone system with Salesforce, Vesta Healthcare now has a streamlined admission, service delivery, and outbound dialing process to determine relationships. Additionally, Wise Wolves built a new patient acquisition pipeline with integrated CTI, providing greater visibility, higher conversion rates, and automated actions to overcome any obstacles in the enrollment process, ultimately allowing Vesta Healthcare to enroll more members. Moreover, they implemented comprehensive reporting capabilities, including affected dates for member referrals, ensuring accurate reporting to insurance companies, and facilitating roll-up reporting.



The Introduction Moment
Vesta Healthcare selected Wise Wolves as their Salesforce partner for implementing Health Cloud based on Wise Wolves' track record of success and positive reviews from previous clients. Given Wise Wolves' ability to swiftly implement Health Cloud without causing any disruptions, Vesta Healthcare trusted them to seamlessly transition to the new CRM system while maintaining operational efficiency. The decision was influenced by the confidence placed in Wise Wolves' expertise and their commitment to delivering a smooth and efficient implementation process.
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The Eureka Moment
To scale and enhance the efficiency of their member enrollment workflow, Vesta Healthcare aimed to incorporate the B2C aspect into their existing Salesforce platform, which primarily focused on B2B interactions. By bringing the B2C aspect to Salesforce, Vesta Healthcare sought to leverage the platform's capabilities to streamline and expand their member enrollment process, ensuring scalability and increased operational efficiency. Wise Wolves recommended the implementation of Health Cloud, to leverage the client household model.
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The Ribbon Cutting Moment
Wise Wolves achieved a successful implementation of Health Cloud for Vesta Healthcare, meeting the designated deadline without causing any disruptions to the company's operations. Their expertise and meticulous approach enabled a seamless transition, ensuring business continuity and empowering Vesta Healthcare with the benefits of Salesforce.
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Mingyang Zu
Business Analyst
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Sam Lee
Project Manager
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Rodolfo Hernández Ponce
Solution Architect
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